John Wimber Kingdom Series [Digital License]

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Kingdom Mercy
Living In The Power of Forgiveness

John Wimber points out that we are to be not only a forgiven people but also a forgiving people. Forgiveness, he tells us, is key to living in the power of God.

Kingdom Living
Growing In The Character Of Christ

Citizens of the kingdom of God resemble each other. They look a lot like Jesus Christ.
John Wimber points out that being a disciple means more that just making a decision in favor of Jesus; it involves a radical change of mind and heart, a conversion from the world to the kingdom of God. In Kingdom living he offers practical counsel to help you take on the character of Christ in your own life.

Kingdom Come
Experience The Kingdom Now

John Wimber explores how to understand what the bible says about the reign of God. Christ's command to his disciples and to us is to do the works that he did and to be his instruments as he continues to usher in the fullness of kingdom authority.

Kingdom Evangelism
Proclaiming The Gospel With Power

We all want to be more effective at sharing the Gospel with others. Most of us have tried and failed at using some popular approaches. John Wimber explains how evangelism in the kingdom of God is simply living one's life under the power of the Spirit.

Kingdom Ministry
Walking In The Power Of Service

John Wimber believes that servanthood is one of the keys to kingdom living. He shares about his own struggles to take on the New Testament ideal of servanthood.

Kingdom Suffering
Facing Difficulty And Trial In The Christian Life

Why does a good God with unlimited power and knowledge allow suffering? John Wimber explores the Scriptures to discover the truth about suffering. He offers help and hope to anyone who suffers or who is concerned about the suffering of others.

Kingdom Fellowship
Living Together As The Body Of Christ

John Wimber explains how a believer's relationship to the church is integral to the fabric of God's kingdom. Building strong relationships, working together, loving one another through thick and thin – these are the marks of mature kingdom people.

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