5 Steps To The Kingdom For Kids! Booklet [PDF]

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A Teaching Tool For Parents and Teachers, with Coloring Pages For Kids

Whether you are a parent or teacher of kids, we can all TEACH our kids about
the Kingdom of God. One of the greatest joys of working with kids is watching
them discover God and His Kingdom on earth as it is in HEAVEN.

This booklet is designed to help YOU help KIDS learn about God’s Kingdom. It’s designed to teach kids AND maybe even adults what it means to be a forever citizen under God’s rule and reign.

• Step #1 - God's Kingdom Is Here
• Step #2 - God's Kingdom Is Now & Not Yet
• Step #3 - God's Kingdom Is For Everybody
• Step #4 - God's Kingdom Is For You
• Step #5 - God's Kingdom Is Coming

Booklet Includes:
• Opening Letter from Becky Olmstead
• An Introduction For Parents & Teachers On Using The Study
• 5 Lessons
• 5 Coloring Pages - for Kids To Take Home

Each Lesson Has:
• A Theme Based On Each Step
• A Bible Reading Passage
• Questions To Ask Kids
• A Coloring Page for Reinforcing the Lesson

• A perfect tool for teaching kids about the kingdom
• An inexpensive gift for each family and child in your children's ministry
• Coloring sheets for posting around the room
• Useful questions for teaching kids about prayer

Price: $2.99