Lead On! National Vineyard Women's Conference - Main Sessions [MP3]

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There are different kinds of service, but one Lord. There are different kinds of gifts, but one gift giver. JESUS LEADS AND WE FOLLOW

Session 1: Le Que Heidkamp, Co-Lead Pastor, Mercy Vineyard Church, Minneapolis, MN
Ken Wilson, Great Lakes Regional Overseer and Senior Pastor, Vineyard
Church, Ann Arbor, MI

Session 2: Mary Ellen Sawyer, Pathway Vineyard, Lewiston, ME
Diane Leman, Senior Pastor, The Vineyard Church, Urbana, IL

Session 3: Angela Horton, Vineyard Church, Columbus, OH
Cherith Fee Nordling, Sessional Lecturer, Regent College and Fuller Seminary

Session 4: Cheryll Hanawalt - Assistant Pastor, Evanston Vineyard, Evanston, IL
Cindy Nicholson - Assistant Pastor, Evanston Vineyard, Evanston, IL
Adey Wassink - Senior Pastor, Vineyard Community Church, Iowa City, IA

Session 5: Bert Waggoner - National Director, Vineyard USA
Elba Dolan - Senior Pastor, Igreja da Vinha do Mirante, Altamira, Brazil


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