The 5-Step Prayer Model For Kids [Vineyard USA Booklet]


Parents and Teachers! The 5-Step Prayer Model – For Kids!

"Dear Kids, this booklet has been written just for you! Did you know that when Jesus lived on earth he treated kids as special? He wanted kids to feel that they could come to him any time because his kingdom is a place for kids. Jesus loves kids! One way to be like Jesus is to pray for your family, friends, or anyone else who needs Jesus. Jesus loves to hear you pray. He wants you to care for people who are hurting like he does. He wants to use you to bring his healing to people. In this booklet you will learn how to boldly pray for others. Won’t it be fun to help Jesus bring his love and hope to your world?"

- Becky Olmstead, Kids Task Force Leader, Vineyard USA

"This booklet explains what we call the 5-Step Prayer Model in a way that children can understand. Kids across our movement are seeing God do miracles as they learn to use it to pray for others. ...Let’s encourage the children in our care to lead the way in faith as we teach them that everybody gets to play in God’s kingdom."

- Phil Strout, National Director of Vineyard USA


The Victor & The Prize [PDF Booklet]



Unpack the Power of Easter with Your Congregation – and the Resurrection Life!

"For the Christian, there is no more important celebration than Easter. Our new life in Christ flows from the resurrection moment, and changes – literally – everything. Over 7 devotionals, you’ll have the opportunity, again and again, to enter into the victory won by Jesus. Your new life in Christ, I pray, will take on a powerful new sense of meaning. Hope will begin to fill your heart – just like it did the earliest disciples."
~ Phil Strout, National Director of Vineyard USA


A 7-Week Easter Devotional For Individuals and Families

"His body broken, his wounds fresh, Jesus is embalmed, wrapped in linen, and placed on a cold slab in a rock-carved grave. Death, with its unquenchable hunger, receives him mercilessly into its halls. Then, the miracle begins. The Tomb of Death is about to become a Womb of Life – as the Victor reveals himself. And what will be the Prize for such a victory? The keys of Death – and New Life for you and I."

The "Easter Season" includes 7 Sundays that begin with Easter Sunday, and leads up to the celebration of the Spirit coming at Pentecost. This devotional is designed for every member of your congregation, and will take each individual or family in your church on a powerful devotional experience claiming the gifts of the resurrection life.

Pastors can use this booklet for rich sermon series content throughout the Easter season.

Written for individuals and families, these 20 pages will inspire your congregation in their New Life journey, and at the same time enable you to reach out to neighbors and family with a transforming message of Hope in Christ.

This multi- purpose resource is great as a stand alone Easter giveaway, a complete sermon/devotional series for Easter and beyond, or even a small group study for your home & kinship groups.


The Victor & The Prize: Sermon Pack


The Victor & The Prize: Sermon Pack

• 7 Sermon Outlines
• Keynote and Powerpoint Presentation
• Title, Devotional Gift, and Presentation Slide JPGs

What Is This Sermon Series All About?

In the historic church calendar, the season of Easter begins on Easter Sunday, and continues for 50 days until Pentecost. This Sermon Series is designed for the 7 Sundays of Easter. Use one message each Sunday, and make a new tradition of celebrating the extended season of what church history calls "Eastertide." In many ways, it is a season to celebrate the Kingdom of God, in our midst. Revel in the victories that Jesus, our Victor, has won.

This Sermon Series is designed to help your congregation begin to understand again what living the "resurrection life" is all about. The Scriptures tell us we died, and are raised with Christ (Col. 3:1). But how does the average Christian experience that reality daily? Over 7 messages, the following 7 areas are addressed with insights, scriptures, a prayer, and suggested songs. Each message ends with a practical application question to help bring the message home.

The 7 arenas we will look at in this set of Sermon Outlines are:

1. First Sunday Of Easter - Resurrection Day
2. Second Sunday Of Easter - The Prize Of Future Hope
3. Third Sunday Of Easter - The Prize Of Heart Transformation
4. Fourth Sunday Of Easter - The Prize Of Inner Freedom
5. Fifth Sunday Of Easter - The Prize Of Healing Love
6. Sixth Sunday Of Easter - The Prize Of Resurrection Life
7. Seventh Sunday Of Easter - The Prize Of New Creation


Where The Mercy Falls [MP3 Download]


Where The Mercy Falls is volume #2 from the live worship experience recorded this past summer at the Vineyard National Conference.

Featuring David Ruis, Crispin Schroeder, John & Marie Barnett, Chris Lizotte and many others, Where The Mercy Falls reflects the diverse, high quality worship that conference attenders experienced in each worship session. This album draws in the worshiper with incredible new songs like ALL IS WELL and WHERE THE MERCY FALLS while demonstrating the power of a crowd of thousands expressing worship with one voice.


One In Christ: Men and Women Together In Ministry [PDF Booklet]


New Release!

Women are serving in growing numbers as leaders in Vineyard churches. In many cases, husbands and wives are teaming together to share the role of senior pastor. In others, women serve as the sole senior pastor of the church. Women also serve as staff pastors, ministry leaders, volunteers, elders, small group leaders, and church board members. Women serve trans-locally as area and regional leaders who care for groups of pastors within our movement and as members of the executive team that makes up our National Board. There are no areas of ministry or levels of leadership closed to women in the Vineyard.

In this booklet, learn about the history, theology and practice of women who share their gifts of leading in the Vineyard Movement. This booklet was created by the Vineyard Women in Leadership Network as a resource for churches and individuals to communicate how God is using EVERYONE to achieve His purposes in the Vineyard.


The How Is Your Soul Sermon Outline & Digital Resource Pack


A Free Sermon Series To Get Your Year Started Off Strong.

NEW How Is Your Soul? Sermon Outline & Digital Resource Pack
A Free Download For Pastors
4 Sermon Outlines with Tools To Help Your Congregation Care For Their Spiritual Life in 2014

Perfect for Lent, the new year, or a key season in your church's life, and designed to be used with the How Is Your Soul? Personal Study For Spiritual Renewal, this new, FREE Sermon Outline & Digital Resource Pack will help you train your congregation to care for their own spiritual life in 2014 – and each year after!

4 TURN-KEY SERMONS WITH POWERPOINT AND KEYNOTE SLIDES are in the How Is Your Soul? Sermon Outline & Digital Resource pack, to support you as you equip your congregation to deepen their personal spiritual life. With this free download, you'll have the material you need to deliver a yearly call to personal spiritual renewal. A BONUS "Your Daily Examen" MP3 is included for your congregation's mobile use.

The How Is Your Soul? booklet is the daily companion to the Sermon Series, and can be purchased inexpensively for each member of your congregation as they prepare for each Sunday (see below).


Wonderful [MP3]


Reminiscent of the Winds of Worship albums from earlier times, Wonderful - Worship from the Vineyard National Conference is the latest release from Vineyard Worship. Live. Experiential. Congregational. Palpable. WONDERFUL is the first volume documenting the live worship sets from the ALL IN national conference hosted in Anaheim, California. Thousands gathered. The community celebrated, prayed, learned and embraced the call to the Vineyard to be ALL IN. The expression and excitement of that gathering overflowed into the worship experience captured on this album.


Within Our Reach [PDF]


A Vineyard Christmas Devotional - For Your Entire Congregation!
Jesus revealed to the world that God is near, God is close, God is within our reach. This Christmas, that is our prayer for you. May you see the living God being within your reach as you enjoy this devotional. As you worship, may you come to experience His Presence, by the Spirit, in a way you never have before. From the Vineyard to you, have a wonderful Christmas! ~ Phil Strout, National Director of Vineyard USA



One Star, One Hope [PDF]


This PDF purchase is for the use of one person.

An Advent & Christmas Devotional For Individuals and Families

Over two thousand years ago, one solitary star shined brighter than all the others in the night sky. Rising high above a small town in the ancient land of Israel, that first Christmas star filled desperate souls with Hope, quieted anxious minds with Peace, lifted heavy spirits with Joy, and guided wandering hearts home with Love. That One Star pointed to the One Hope of humankind – Jesus.

Designed as a Christmas gift booklet for every member of your congregation, ONE STAR, ONE HOPE will take each individual or family in your church on a powerful devotional experience from Advent through Christmas. This booklet can also be used by pastors for sermon series content through the Advent season.

Written for individuals and families, these 20 pages will inspire your congregation through the Christmas journey, and at the same time enable you to reach out to neighbors and family with a transforming message of Hope in Christ.

Booklet Topics:
• Hope: The Remarkable Faith of the Magi
• Peace: The Quiet Heart of Mary
• Joy: The Unspeakable Joy of the Shepherds and Angels
• Love: The Prodigal Passion of Joseph
• Christmas: One Star Leads Us to Our One Hope


Vineyard All In - National Conference 2013 [MP3]


2013 National Vineyard Conference MP3 audio set. Includes all 7 main session teachings.

The Vineyard Movement: All In is a call to see the Vineyard movement become an "all in community" for the kingdom of God. The conference just happened July 15th-18th of this year at the Vineyard church in Anaheim California. Amidst countless amazing conference moments, the overwhelming theme was a commissioning of all Vineyard generations to go ALL IN for the glory of God and the well-being of people. The response to this call is captured and conveyed on this comprehensive MP3 set.

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